Force of Human Nature

from Mindshift by Court Lajoie



Tsunami . . .

A human life is so short
It rolls and crashes like a wave on the shore

If we are like waves across the ocean
We rise and fall, continuing the motion of
Everything that we have ever been, and
Everything that we are doin'

The force of human nature is taking over ~

Every waves moves the sand
As every life transforms the land

We're rolling over, crashing all that we can see
We move with the media and take what we don't need
We raise the temperatures and continue to breed
And as the ice caps melt, we're a
Tsunami . . .

The force of human nature is taking over ~

And we don't feel it, but we're raping Mother Earth
Doing what we want and forgetting what is hers

The force of human nature is taking over ~

When will we stop and think?

When will we start to *FEEL*?


from Mindshift, released August 8, 2008


all rights reserved



Cora Flora British Columbia

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